The world's leading choreography tool for firework displays

We are confident you won’t find an easier more powerful program to design firework displays with.  Developed by a team who know the industry inside out and incorporating many time saving features to make your work as easy as possible.

Waveform Display

View the songs you have inserted in a visual waveform.

Print plans and labels

Comprehensive facility provided to print plans and picking lists as
well as igniter labels and box labels. Save time fusing and preparing your displays.

Firework database

Add your products or select from those pre-configured. Define the diameter, name, cost, duration, function time, type and hazard group. Search facility provided.

Sequence Editor

Insert sequences of the same firework using rules you define. Useful for chases and repetitive work. E.g. Left to Right, every 0.5 seconds.

Multi-track workflow

Designer lets you insert multiple audio files and define silence gaps. You can move the order of songs and their associated firing cues at any point during the design process.

Multi-site one click

Select a firework then hover over the sites you want to fire from. One click does it all. E.g. single sites, all odd sites, or create your own reusable rules.

Automatic cue assignment

A sophisticated algorithm tells you which module and firing cue each firework will plug into.

Show cost and count

As you go the cost of the material is displayed and the number of attachments.


£1,500.00 +VAT

All 3 pieces of software

FireByWire Display Designer

FireByWire Display Launcher

FireByWire Display Launch Co-ordinator


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