DIGIMOD-32 64 channels (with internal power)


The FireByWire® DIGIMOD-32 64 cue firing module.

Available in 3 versions:

  • Base model
  • With in built power (this model, without radio photo’d)
  • With in built power and FBW diversity radio link

The heart of this device is the FBW DIGISEQ:

The FireByWire® DIGISEQ is short for Digital Firing Sequencer and provides control in the firing site of your display as well as providing a safe, isolated interface between the power source and controlling computer.

The DIGISEQ allows for 4 modules of 16 cues (64 in total) to be controlled over the digital network via laptop and also standalone control where cues and timings can be programmed using the menu system alone and fired by the “trigger port”.

The trigger port accepts 12-36v from either a handheld single channel button type device or any other firing system output (e.g. instead of firing an igniter on the other system).

Once triggered the DIGISEQ waits for a time pre-programmed and then fires the next channel.  If the delay is programmed as 0s then it fires instantly.  If all delays are set to 0 then the DIGISEQ works in “step mode”.

DIGISEQ can also be used under laptop control for computerised displays and pyromusicals.