Fire your displays perfectly

A separate powerful program for the accurate launching of displays with or without music. Comprehensive show testing of modules and igniters. Displays missing or extra cues found. Module feedback including voltage and network status. Real time ability to change the firing times during the show. Ability to enable and disable firework types, firing sites and modules.

Diagnostics / Continuity View

Missing cues: Displays igniters that should be present and are not (e.g. unplugged or damaged).

Extra/missing sequencers: Lets you know which DIGISEQ units are actually missing or misaddressed (extra).

Extra cues: Displays igniters plugged into ports that are not due to fire in the show.

Voltage/deadmans status: Displays the voltage at each firing module. Also whether a deadmans is detected as enabled.

Show fire view

Playback tab: Start the show, pause, stop, restart and skip cues. Displays current position and cue to fire.

Start triggering: Enables you to start multiple firing laptops from a common control (launch co-ordinator).

Ignite delay: (In real time or before firing) offset the firing times against the music to perfect synchronisation.

Speaker distance: Set the distance between the audience and speakers. The program applies the correct offset.


£1,500.00 +VAT

All 3 pieces of software

FireByWire Display Designer

FireByWire Display Launcher

FireByWire Display Launch Co-ordinator


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