Quick Clip – Red


Quick clips – made in Australia.
Duty, import fees and shipping inclusive.


  • All stainless steel construction for strength and anti corrosion
  • Comes with stainless nut and kep nut
  • Easy release of wires
  • Wires will not pull out
  • Fit up to 5 ignites in single clip
  • Durable waterproof
  • Comes in red and black:
  • Easy and inexpensive to replace standard mini clips
  • Rugged design can handle the harsh environment expected at a display
  • Fit and finish high quality design
  • Universal design for PCB mount or hardwired


  • Overall diameter .506 in (12.85 mm)
  • Overall length 1.480 inc  (37.59 mm)
  • Height above mounting surface .5995 inc (15.23 mm)
  • Depth below mounting surface .866 inc (22 mm)
  • Mounting hole diameter .315 inc  (8 mm)
  • Mounting surface thickness .0315 in-.1187  (0.8mm-4.75 mm)
  • Material Stainless steel spring, washer, nut and kep nut W/3 mm thread
  • Plastic Strength nylon
  • Shipping weight .215 ounces (6.1 grams)
  • Available colors Red and black sold individually – please specify.
  • Note this item is designed for temporary low voltage (48 volts or less)Center post Stainless steel
Remember these are stainless steel (not tin plated brass)