Major update – New features V2.0 FireByWire Designer

1. Ability to export picking list to Excel

2. Ability to export show file to Excel

3. New database field – NEQ and UN class

4. Display total NEQ for show design

5. Ability to slow down or speed up song playback speed

6. Angle field defaults to blank

7. Split screen across 2 monitors

8. Drag and drop feature for sequencer allocation view

9. Improvements to Autosave including multiple revision saving and file located in project folder

10. Ability to import songs from previous shows into a new show and bring the cues with it. Ability to allocate mismatched firing sites.

11. Gantt chart style display over the waveform (switchable) – shows you visusally a bar for each firework duration. Highlights dark sky.

12. Numerous bug fixes and minor features.